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 E C O L O G I C A L L Y  

R E G E N E R A T I V E   D E S I G N


L I V I N G   I N   I N T E G R I T Y  

W I T H  T H E   E A R T H


j e n n i f e r   n e w t o n

Jennifer is a truly creative and sensitive interior designer, permaculture designer and eco village designer, with over 15 years of professional experience working on projects in Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Australia and shortly New York. 

Her projects have been published in Vogue Living, South China Morning Post, The Wall Street Journal and Elle Decoration amongst others. 

Jennifer creatively resolves to firmly embed regenerative earth philosophies and practices into every aspect of her design, She works with architects who focus on natural building techniques and new earth technologies, specifically the radically innovative and pioneering earth activists, idieq. (www.idieq.com)   

Jennifer has recently put her energies into designing and building a 4000 sqm permaculture retreat and learning centre in Indonesia. These first hand experiences of mud building, and vital new fields of expertise are now available to her future clients. She is one of the authors in the “Ignite Female Change makers” bestselling series on Amazon for her ground breaking project.

Living in Bali, a location that is world renowned for its premier craftsmanship, Jennifer has developed a furniture range so that anyone, anywhere in the world can bring the exotic, natural elegance of Bali into their own homes. Her furniture and furnishings are ethically sourced and commissioned from local artists, craftsmen and often female led businesses in Bali and Java, guided by her creative direction. Please see “shop” for the catalogue and more information.


Interior Design / Architecture / Project Management

Ecovillage Design

Natural Building

mud brick – rammed earth – bamboo – reclaimed wood

Permaculture Design

site analysis – edible landscapes – grey water recycling – natural pools – bio composting toilets

Artisan Furniture


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